The finished logo with custom tile background.

For the typeface in the logo, I modified a font in Illustrator for a cleaner look and more control over embellishments. The font is called Bald Eagle, and was purchased for use on Creative Market.

This brand is kicking off with canned sangrias, and I wanted to tie-in grape leaves and vines to the logo for use on packaging. I used mainly photographs as inspiration to draw these in Illustrator. The vines seemed to be a great way to frame-in the logo. 

Then, I brought it all together with a complimentary font for 'Cellars' (I chose Quorum because of it's short, sharp serifs and it's character family for future artwork).

I added embellishments to bring depth and opportunities to use color.

Finally, I created these tile patterns in Illustrator as seamless pattern swatches.

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